Conseils en pose d’extensions - 2

12 12 2022

How do you put clip-in extensions in?

If you have been dreaming of having longer hair then extensions are a great solution to consider! Clip-in extensions are very popular for their natural look, however, for a stunning finish, you’ll need to learn how to put them in the right way. Keep reading to find out our tips!

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23 11 2022

Comment mettre des extensions à froid ?

Découvrez notre tutoriel pour apprendre à mettre des extensions de cheveux à froid et comment les entretenir !

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04 08 2022

How to take care of your curly hair extensions?

To "maintain" your curly hair extensions, nothing replaces brushing. It helps to aerate the hair and revitalize it. If your curls have flattened overnight because you forgot to braid your mane, wake them up by styling with your fingers and if necessary with a little styling spray on the ends.

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31 07 2021

Make hair extensions your beauty asset !

Do you find that your hair mass lacks volume? Have you adopted a short haircut that doesn't suit you? Do you want to change your hair type thanks to human hair extensions? Make the choice to lengthen your hair to find a look that enhances you.

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21 04 2021

I tested micro ring hair extensions for you...

Her hairdresser also pointed out that there is less risk that she won't be able to stand them, as these micro ring hair extensions don't itch. Better still, they are discreet and reusable.

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