Conseils en pose d’extensions - 2

31 07 2021

Make hair extensions your beauty asset !

Do you find that your hair mass lacks volume? Have you adopted a short haircut that doesn't suit you? Do you want to change your hair type thanks to human hair extensions? Make the choice to lengthen your hair to find a look that enhances you.

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21 04 2021

I tested micro ring hair extensions for you...

Her hairdresser also pointed out that there is less risk that she won't be able to stand them, as these micro ring hair extensions don't itch. Better still, they are discreet and reusable.

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16 04 2021

Micro ring hair extensions, micro bonds or clip-in hair extensions...Which application should you choose?

Micro ring hair extensions are the simplest and most harmless of all the hair extension variations and techniques.

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19 02 2021

Micro ring hair extensions

Many women find it difficult to choose which types of extensions to use. So if you want to find the ones that can help you achieve a natural look with more volume and without damaging your hair, we recommend cold hair extensions!

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09 04 2020

Les extensions de cheveux à froid

Les extensions de cheveux à froid : si vous souhaitez porter des extensions tout en ayant un look naturel avec plus de volume et sans abîmer vos cheveux, nous vous recommandons les extensions de cheveux à froid ! Découvrez nos conseils.

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