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How do you put clip-in extensions in?

If you have been dreaming of having longer hair then extensions are a great solution to consider! Clip-in extensions are very popular for their natural look, however, for a stunning finish, you’ll need to learn how to put them in the right way. Keep reading to find out our tips!

Prepare the extensions and equipment

In order to put your clip-in extensions in, you will need: 

- a brush

- a mirror

- a comb

- hairspray

- a hair clip

- the clip-in extension kit.

As the extensions you have purchased are straight, we recommend straightening your hair before applying the clips.

To avoid your hair becoming knotty after you have put the extensions in you can start by untangling it thoroughly. Then make a neat horizontal parting at the back of your head, from ear to ear.

To make things easier when you come to put the first extension strip in, you can tie your hair up in a bun on top of your head with a clip. Finally, you’ll need to separate all the clip-in strips, carefully brush them out and place them on a chair next to you.

Putting in the clip-in extensions

The very first separation should be done as low as possible on the back of the head. Leave enough hair from your scalp, the extensions are placed around 2 cm from your head.  Once you have done this, take one of the two strips containing 3 clips and open it up by pressing down on the centre of each clip.

Then position each one at the parting you have made, starting in the middle. Press down gently in the centre of each clip to close them, one after the other. Once you are happy that the strip is perfectly in place, you can detach the bun and separate your hair again 2-3 cm above the first line. 

Attach the second strip of 3 clips starting with the middle clip like before. Repeat this process with the 4-clip strip and the 2-clip strips. The 2 clip strips are small enough to position precisely and therefore perfect to adapt to each head of hair, as everyone’s hair is different. You’ll be left with two strips with one clip, which can be positioned at the temples.

Focus on styling

Once the extensions are in, brush your hair carefully to ensure that none of the clips are visible. Feel free to use your hair straighteners to even out the texture of your hair and blend in with the clip-in strips.

Depending on your cut and the type of hair you have, you may need to trim your extensions a little so that they completely blend in for a beautiful finish. 

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