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04 09 2023

The ultimate guide of hair extensions

Don't wait for years to have a mermaid mane, opt for the easy way with clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions, made of fiber or natural fibres, are essential accessories that allow you to change your hairstyle very easily and above all very quickly. They are easy to attach, so that you can style your hair as you wish and for any occasion. The clips are made of metal and work on the same system as the click-clack clips, they open and clo

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24 07 2023

Can you tie your hair back with natural hair extensions?

Natural hair extensions have it all... Easy to apply, easy to remove and easy to live with every day. They are so perfectly integrated into the hair they highlight, that one would easily tend to forget their presence.

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14 07 2023

How to put clip in hair extensions on short hair?

There is a particularity of natural hair extensions that can be overlooked: they adapt to all types of hair. Clearly, whether your original hair is short, long, curly or straight, you will find the natural hair extension you need. Specifically concerning short hair, here are some tips for choosing the right hair extension.

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04 07 2023

Hair extensions: before / after

This impression, of living a moment of grace, simply thanks to the installation of a hair supplement, is not a commercial argument in favor of our products. It is your testimonials that allow us to affirm that a hair extension can change a life...

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27 06 2023

How to style your hair when you have pre bonded hair extensions?

Pre bonded hair extension is trending. It is no longer just the “easy to apply” way to hide a hair loss. The pre bonded hair extensions has become in a short time an essential beauty accessory.

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