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22 06 2022

How to curl your human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions can be curled very easily in order to make them more beautiful. To achieve this, a methodology must be followed which varies according to the curling tool used.

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05 05 2022

How to take good care of your human hair extensions

Where the problem comes from: The origins of dry and damaged hair are usually physiological. Your scalp is dry and sensitive or your hair care and treatment is insufficient. Thus, there are many factors and the list of those responsible could be long: repeated blow-drying and straightening, violent brushing, permanent colouring and bleaching, pollution, sun...

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22 03 2022

Human hair extensions for the summer holidays!

You want to put in human hair extensions for your summer holidays, but you are afraid of damaging them? To help you maintain them or give them back their shine and elasticity, here are some tips and tricks that will be very useful for this summer!

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09 03 2022

All you need to know about human hair extension

Human hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular, as they are simple to apply. In addition to being simple, they are quick to install and provide comfort and volume to your hair. If you want to change from a short haircut to a long haircut, the information below will allow you to know everything about human hair extension.

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11 01 2022

Choose your hair extensions | Expert hair extensions

Hair extensions are ideal to enhance a hairstyle and thus always remain beautiful and elegant. However, there are a large number of application techniques. You can therefore choose your extensions according to the nature and length of your hair. Your budget as well as the duration of the extensions must also be taken into account at the time of the installation.

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