How to take care of your curly hair extensions?

To begin with, what styling product could you use and exactly where on your curly hair extensions to apply it? If you're using a mousse to add bounce to your waves, a cream to weigh down tight curls, or a serum to shine them up, apply it to the ends, away from the ends and with your hands.

To "maintain" your curly hair extensions, nothing replaces brushing. It helps to aerate the hair and revitalize it. If your curls have flattened overnight because you forgot to braid your mane, wake them up by styling with your fingers and if necessary with a little styling spray on the ends.

How do you care for your curly hair extensions?

To wash your curly hair extensions, use a shampoo for curly hair. After rinsing, wrap your hair in a towel and let it air dry. Detangle your hair gently with your fingers or a non-pin brush, with your head back. Avoid using a hairdryer as curls do not tolerate high temperatures.


Note that it is best not to detangle your curly hair extensions when it is dry, only when it is damp. As for masks, apply a mask for dry hair once a week and no more. Also, avoid running water through your hair every morning, as this dehydrates it. It's better to strengthen your curls with a curling iron and you'll see that plenty of curls will come out.

Before going to bed at night, tie your curly hair extensions in tight braids to reduce volume and protect against knots. Remember to put a little anti-frizz serum on each of your strands."

How do you wave your straight hair extensions? 

You are never satisfied with our mane. You have straight hair and chose to put in straight hair extensions, but now you want to have crazy curls? If you've been dreaming of wispy waves for your straight hair extensions, you should know that it's possible!

Apply a dab of styling mousse to your wet hair, only on the ends and therefore away from the junction points of your straight hair extensions. Then scrunch your mane with your fingertips. Let your hair air dry or use a hair dryer or heated brushes. Remember, all of this should be done away from the connections of your hair extensions.

For the final touch, spray a cloud of "heat protection" spray to avoid damaging your hair and extensions. 

What is a good hairstyle?

If you really want to change your head, don't hesitate to ask your hairdresser or stylist for advice. He or she will show you which face shape you have and which haircut will suit your body type. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but it is crucial to the success of your new hairstyle.

Once the ideal haircut is chosen, you can then select the colour and highlights and do one or more simulations if necessary. Don't forget to ask about the maintenance requirements of your curly hair extensions

Capitalise on your hair...

In hairdressing, the perfect look is the one that is close to natural, we say. So, to capitalize on your hair and therefore your beauty, adopt the right gestures right away and don't let anyone detect that you lack expertise in the field of hair...

Dare to use curly hair extensions even if the objective is to look good!

Note that a regular visit to your hairdresser will enhance your surroundings and give you confidence as you learn to make the most of your beauty assets! Indeed, you will be pampered and will get personalized beauty tips and advice from a beauty salon.

When you arrive at home you can use the valuable recommendations to your advantage. Maybe not immediately, but later on for the lasting maintenance of your appearance. To make your head spin every time you visit, before and after photos are published to inspire you. 

Admit it, all it takes to give a haircut some personality is a slight taper to a bob, some curls or a few highlights. So let's capitalise on our most important seductive asset!

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