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Make hair extensions your beauty asset !

How to choose the right colour for your human hair extensions?

Do you find that your hair mass lacks volume? Have you adopted a short haircut that doesn't suit you? Do you want to change your hair type thanks to human hair extensions? Make the choice to lengthen your hair to find a look that enhances you.

This solution appeals to you, but you are still hesitating. How do you find the hair colour that will perfectly match your skin tone? Should you add natural hair or use this option to style your hair in a more original way?

Within the range of possibilities of adding hair lengths, many solutions are available to you. Between clip-in hair extensions , pre bonded  or micro rings, you have a wide range of choices. In the same way, to obtain a more voluminous and perfectly homogeneous hair mass, natural hair additions are at your disposal.

As far as colour is concerned, you will find all shades from ash or platinum blonde to raven black, chocolate or light or dark chestnut. We choose all the hair strands we provide with great care. By carefully fixing the hair extensions close to the root, the effect is stunning and your friends and family will compliment you. As for the nature of your hair, between straight or wavy, make your choice. You now have a real mane that you can wave and style as you wish. No more dull ponytail extensions with dull hair, you are sumptuous thanks to hair extensions perfectly matched to your colour.

How to apply natural hair extensions?

Setting natural hair extensions is also an opportunity to give free rein to your originality by choosing colour combinations. Yours and your hair extensions colours can create a beautiful combination. Create contrasts between your natural brown and a platinum blonde for a colourful effect that sets you apart. Choose to tone down your red base with highlights of lighter brown. Add a few highlights throughout your hair to create a designer look. Look for totally new colours such as blues and greens to surprise you and take full advantage of the possibilities that these beauty accessories offer. As you have a choice of high-quality natural hair, you can do this easily and as often as you like.
As far as our prices for high-quality natural hair extensions are concerned, our prices are quite competitive. We provide you with products that meet your expectations. They allow you to increase your power of seduction easily for guaranteed effects.

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