I tested micro ring hair extensions for you... - elite extensions

I tested micro ring hair extensions for you...

Why micro ring hair extensions ?

She quickly noticed the advantage of this cold application compared to a fusion application. No keratin... so her hair won't be damaged when it's put down like it was before.

Her hairdresser also pointed out that there is less risk that she won't be able to stand them, as these micro ring hair extensions don't itch. Better still, they are discreet and reusable.

No disadvantages, but she still wonders: "How is she going to sleep with all those little rings on her head? ". In the evening, she didn't have any headaches or discomfort from the weight of the additions and as usual, she slept well on her side...

With 180 Elite-Extensions strands on her head, Emma gained the volume and length she wanted in about an hour and a half. The session was more like petting her head as she felt pampered!

For the rest, it's real hair. To maintain it, you have to wash it and use special "dry hair" treatments. You also have to wash your head backwards, brush it three times a day and braid it before sleep to prevent knots from forming. In addition, her salon recommended that she have a monthly maintenance session to reattach strands that have fallen out, remove knots, etc. depending on the situation.

The bottom line for her is 100% satisfaction!

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