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Hot Hair Extensions

The most common fastening technology in Europe is that of the hot hair extensions. Also called by extension "ThermoFusion", this technique applies to both women and men. It concerns only certified 100% natural hair and having the same orientation. According to the desired objective (volume, length ...), the number of strands of a hot hair extension may vary from 10 to 150. Their shape may be steeper or corrugated. Originally, the tip of each lock is already rooted in a solid point of Keratin. Keratin is a glue that is safe for your hot hair extension.

Its color fits perfectly with that of the hair. The hairdresser uses a heated clamp to melt point of Keratin on existing hair 1 cm root. They serve as mounting bracket for hair extensions cheap hot. A hot hair extension can not be fixed on frizzy hair. Keep in mind that your own hair continues to grow 1 to 2 cm per month! From there, and to keep their discrete nature points Keratin, hairdressers should proceed to the repositioning of hot hair extensions at least once every 6 weeks.

Cold hair extensions

Application techniques of cheap hair extensions cold are multiple. The following five methods hold particular attention:

- Partial extensions or "SkinWeft": the work is done by hand. This is a type of resin used to bond extension strands collected with ultra thin silicone band on the hair of the client. This method is intended to cover an area of the skull with a very low density of hair in order to increase the volume.

- Cold hair extensions according to the method "Brazilian unleashed dive": the connection is "strand by strand." An extension strand is attached to the natural hair that corresponds to it by an elastic thread called Elastex. This wire must have the same color as the hair. The operation takes 4 to 5 hours.

- Cold Hair Extensions by "weaving" along the African process begins by braiding the natural hair to turn them into "matted plates." Then the softer extension and longer strands are sewn on these natural plaited plates. The success of this method depends on your patience (4-5 h), the skill of the hairdresser and the quality of your cold hair extension (human hair).

- Cold Hair Extension using "connectors" or extension to the rings: the work is more thorough. The technique "strand by strand" is to introduce an expansion wick and clean the hair strand interested (e) corresponding to it in a metal ring. This is then tightened using special pliers. With this method, to be sure (e) of a successful hair extension to cold, choose human hair Remy Hair or other Indian natural hair with similar quality.

- The technique of weaving snapshot, also known as adhesive strips Extensions or "InvistaTrack": weaving this fast at the American is to glue adhesive tape wrapping natural hair on the scalp directly.

Clips Hair Extensions

In this regard, additions cheap hair clip are imposed on more than one count. Choose an addition cheap hair clip is a solution that combines the price and quality of hair. Cheap clips hair extensions are used to increase the volume of your hair or length. The "miniclips" are used in turn to introduce a variation of colors in your hair type "hairstyle méchée". You decide if your clip in hair extension must cover the entire head or just the neck. You choose one of two products.

- The hair extensions clips Cheap: despite their relatively low prices, they are formed of strips of human hair. They are used to cover the entire head. Each clips in hair extension is limited by small clamps that hold the hair and are meant to fix. They are sold in sets of three or four bands with different widths according to the request or in single bands of 30 cm of width. In case of purchase of strips per piece, it takes 2 strips to cover the back of your head and neck and 3 stripes for the whole head. These strips are then fixed in grooves previously prepared and where appears the scalp. By releasing your hair, they combine with clipped strips. - The half-head cap is a clip in hair extension that covers the back of the ears at the end of the neck. It is usually made of synthetic hair. One such extension is sufficient.

Extensions ultrasound

The latest cheap hair extensions fastening systems is named "ULTRASONIC 5000". It consists of a clip attached to a sound generator. The sound vibration instantly reaches the tip of the clamp electronic control. It gives optimal liquefaction cold keratin just point when he will "weld" the extension wick 0.5 cm or 1 cm of the scalp. Unlike the technique of "thermo - melting", no loss of adhesive power of the keratin is recorded. The ultrasound technology is applicable to the installation section by section or strips 10 to 20 strands.

The fixing of a natural hair extension by the ultrasound technique has several advantages. Unlike laser, sound waves have no adverse effect on your scalp. Given the lack of heat, the hair does not suffer any damage. For a bit, the ultrasonic attachment operation takes only 4 seconds! For the hair (100-150 strands), it requires 40 minutes to an hour! No excess keratin is recorded. Because keratin points become completely invisible, ultrasound is primarily indicated for women with fine hair too.

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